List Manager

To create a new list click the Create List link. To view and edit email lists click on the Edit link. This will produce an overlay modal of the selected email list. Click the Delete link to permanently remove the email list.

Create a List

After clicking Create List, an overlay modal will pop up. Enter a name for the list. Add recipients one at a time and click Add to List. Click the X next to a recipient name to delete them from the list. To add an existing CSV email list from your computer, click Upload CSV. This will populate the recipient section of the email. Click Save List to save, or the X to close the modal and not save.

Create an Email

Enter a name for the email.

To copy an existing email, make a selection from the Email to clone dropdown menu. To finalize click Create Email.

Select an email list to send to using the check box. Click Manage Recipients to edit.

Under Email Content add a subject for the email.

Next add body copy for the email. Select heading and paragraph styles from the dropdown. You have several sizes to choose from. For the email title, click Heading 1, write out the text, press return and select Paragraph to create the email body copy.

Email Drafts

Click Save as Draft to save into the drafts folder for sending at a future time. You will see a Draft saved notification message.

Adding a PDF

Click Upload Attachment to add a PDF to the email.

Click Select Files & navigate to the file on your desktop or drop files anywhere to upload a PDF.

Files cannot exceed a maximum size of 1 MB. If your file exceeds this limit, you will receive an error notification.

Once you have successfully uploaded a PDF, the site media library will open. If you wish to remove the PDF from the media library, click Delete Permanently. You may also search media items or add a description of the PDF on this screen. When ready, select your PDF with the blue check box, scroll down to the bottom and click the Choose Image button to upload your PDF to the email.

You will now see the title of the attached PDF below the body copy content field. If you wish to delete the PDF from the email click Remove Attachment. 

Preview an Email

To see what the email will look like once sent click Preview Email. An email preview overlay will pop up. To close click the X.

Send a Test Email

To send a test email, add an email address & click Send Test Email.

When successfully sent, you will receive a Test email sent to notification message.

Send an Email

To send the email, click Send Email. When successfully sent, you will receive an Email sent notification message.



Here you may view emails sent, saved as drafts & individual list recipients. You may also copy an email by clicking the Clone link.